Press release: Bonjour French Course for iPhone.

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Bonjour French Course on iPhone
'Bonjour French Course' by iLoveLingo available on the iPhone App Store.

'Bonjour French Course' is easy, fun and fast yet comprehensive and well structured. It will take you from 'Say what!?' to 'Je parle francais' in a jiffy!

MINNEAPOLIS – June 20, 2013 – Whether you want to learn basic French for your vacation or seriously study the language, the 'Bonjour French Course' will get you to your goal. The first five lessons in the series will give you a solid foundation in French, and no matter your age you will likely find the iLoveLingo learning process as entertaining and effective as have countless others.

'Bonjour French Course' is a complete language course developed for both adult learning and homeschooling.

It was designed from scratch by professional educators to avoid the pitfalls of more traditional learning (i.e. School French = boooring!), but also many of the new-age learning techniques that just end up leaving you confused.

The result is, we believe, the best of two worlds: a language course that will take you as a complete novice by the hand and guide you trough every step of learning French in a fun and rapid yet comprehensive and structured way:

  1. Each lessons starts off with an introduction by Jean, your animated guide. The introduction also illustrates some interesting trivia about France, ranging from its cuisine to sports.
  2. The lesson texts consists of 2 to 5 pages, telling the story of a young couple visiting France. You can listen to all sentences spoken in fluent French as well as access the translation.
  3. A section focuses on teaching you the quirky French pronunciation. You'll be rolling your r's in no time!
  4. The section on grammar is solid, but you can skip this part if it gets too boring. You'll still learn proper French.
  5. There are a bunch of fun exercises as well.
  6. Finally the glossary with all the new words found in the lesson, complete with audio.

These first 5 lessons will start off easy and give you a solid foundation of the basics of French. The following 5 lessons will take a big leap and rapidly advance you to a much higher level.

'Bonjour French Course' is now available world-wide on the iPhone App Store at $4,99. Perfect timing for the vacation. There is a separate version for the iPad launched the same day (June 23, 2013) and Mac OS X (coming soon).

The iLoveLingo apps are developed by Avataris Media, focusing on educational software since 2003 and apps on multiple platforms since 2008. Our 'iCaramba Spanish Course' for instance has been around since 2009.

If you'd like further information on 'Bonjour French Course' or a promo code to try it out, please contact Madalena at Avataris Media
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