iLoveLingo consists of a group of professional educators, computer engineers and graphical designers, able to deliver great educational software in every sense.
About Us
Our suite of multimedia language courses was explicitly designed in 2003 for private studies by a team of professional educators specialized in flexible learning.

Building from the ground up enabled us to avoid some the pitfalls of a more traditional pedagogical mindset standing in the way of innovative thinking, and instead create the fun, flexible and rapidly advancing, yet comprehensive and complete language courses that are now being used for private studies all over the world.

After initially focusing on the PC and Mac, beginning 2008 our team of computer engineers and graphical designers completely revamped our Spanish course to suit smartphones and other mobile devices and managed to create an even better platform than the preexisting one - now with complete freedom to study anywhere!

It was named the 'iCaramba Spanish Course', a play on the iPhone lingo, and received a warm welcome from the community as it was initially introduced to platforms such as the iPhone, Nokia and Palm. Juan (seen on the right) soon became our popular digital spokesperson.

iLoveLingo's digital spokesperson for our language courses
Current Focus
In 2010 we changed the name to iLoveLingo and began the conversion of the rest of our language courses, in particular Italian and French. Our digital avatar Juan reincarnated into two more forms: Giovanni for the Italian course and Jean for the French course. We also began to cover all remaining mobile platforms, such as the Windows Phone and Android.

Despite our expansionist drive, our focus is and will continue to be to provide flexible learning of the Latin languages, mainly Spanish, Italian and French. This is where our expertise lies and instead of spreading ourselves thin covering every available language at the cost of quality, our goal is to make ours the number one experience for learning our languages of focus.